Friday, July 20, 2012

dear: week seven.

rain, rain, go away!!!
{or not! By the sounds of it, he seems to love it}
"Good week!!!!! 3 baptizms back on track!! We were suppose to have 5, but right before they went to change into their baptismal clothes, they flaked out.... It was so annoying!! They are so ready to make the best decision of their lives, and it's so sad to see them walk away. Hopefully they will commit next week! My fingers are crossed! The old lady we baptized is 76 years old and she is one of 24 for brothers and sisters! Can you believe that? There are 26 people total in her family.... Her dad is still alive he is 110 years old. Crazy!!!! The young girl is Laura- She is my favorite! I love her family. We have family home evening with them tonight! The work is going great  and I love my companion. We are working so very hard which makes for fun times! Even though the time is flying by,  Sunday is the always the hardest day for me... I just love sundays at home. I love having a coke after church with a tuna sandwhich! And simply relaxing! hahah. I miss the family so much.... but, it is all good! I wouldn't want to be anywhere else right now. 

I finally received some letters yesterday! You could say that last tuesday was almost better then any christmas.... hahah. I  loved all of your letters. It was so nice hearing from home. 

During this week it rained like no other!!!!  I have never seen rain like this nor have I ever been so soaking wet! The rain is amazing though!! Quick story: There was a street that was completely flooded, and since I was already soaking wet I said to myself, "I only live once".... so, I walked out into the street. The water was close to my knees! This will be a memory to keep forever. I get soaked everyday! It is guaranteed to rain around 4 in the afternoon for the next 2 months!!!
Love your son,  ELDER CARLSON"

so happy to see so many smiling faces!
especially happy to see crew's smiling face. 
isn't he a stud?
i have a feeling ladies will be lined up at his door when he returns.
{good thing he has 19 months left! he's growing up too fast!}
and we all know, i'm going to be awfully picky with who end ups with this awesome catch!
after all, i'm his sister... that's my job. 
it's also my job to miss him, and trust me-
i miss him like crazy.

days: 105
weeks: 15
area: Tezozomoc Camarones

dear: week six.

a big apology is needed.
crew's {not so faithful to the blog} sister decided to take a long trip to italy
with her husband and neglected to keep up on the blog! ops! 
i am back now;
back to keep you updated on crew's crazy adventures,
whereabouts, experiences and memories while in mexico.

hope you don't mind going back in time to father's day....

"HAPPY FATHER'S DAY DAD!!!!!!!!!!! I hope it was a good one! Mom told me about all the new golf equipmet you go. Gosh, you have a enough shoes already- save me a pair for when I get back! My dream gift for you dad, is to play a round of golf with you, but I can't... I'm a little to far away. (ha!) I miss golf so much... Just the little things about golf, like your pre rutine.  Driving the cart so fast that your waterdown coke goes flying everywhere... Listening to you complain about some body part that hurts after you hit a bad shot... You pushing up your glasses before you roll a 30 footer in. I wish I was there to celeberate with you dad. I miss you and I hope you had the best father's day of your life!  I will be home soon. This week went by so fast. I dont know where the time is going... 11 more days and I have 1/6 of my mission complete....  I love my new companion, he is so funny. The best par of the day is when we read every morning- I read in Spanish and he reads in english! He is really funny and I have nick named him "Eor" from Winnie the Pooh. He has 14 months in the mission field and he knows how to handle every sistuation. I'm learning so much have these two missionaries as my first companions!  Elder Aranda does everything with love. Right now the work is really fun; I love companion study and doing the work.  The last 2 or 3 days it hasn't stopped raining... Nonstop rain! My companion goes without a coat and has holes in his shoes..... He is so funny! We are having a lot of fun together!  This change is going to go really fast! In 11 days I will have 4 Months! We didnt have a baptism yesterday but we recieved a miracle! There was an elder couple (in their 70's I believe!) that wanted to get baptized, but they were attending another ward... so, next sunday we are baptizing them in our ward! We taught them last night. They are so poor and beyond humble. Plus, they make the best food! ....Well I have to go already! Guess where I'm going? To the temple!!! My companion has knee problems and the doctor of the mission is at the temple! I will send you the picts next week!! sorry there is no pics this week!  I love you all! Have a good week! Cant wait to hear from you next monday!"
if you look close enough, you can spot two handsome missionaries!

it's safe to say:
elder carlson loves his dad, loves his companion, loves the people of mexico
and obviously... loves his mission. 

days: 98
weeks: 14
area: Tezozomoc Camarones