Sunday, December 2, 2012

dear: week twenty seven.

hello to week twenty seven!
{woot! woot!}
this week marks 9 months... can you believe it!?

crew sent home quite a personal email this week-
he expressed many feelings, emotions, frustrations and joys.
here is a bit from his email:
one thing is for certain:
trials, hardships and challenges only make us stronger.
he's becoming a "changed man" indeed-
and we can't wait to meet the new crew in just 14 months! 
{i'm obviously counting down the days. ops!}

happy thanksgiving to you crew!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

dear: week twenty six.

hello from crew! 
week twenty six already? 
he sent home an email full of love, happiness and advice!
oh, and lots of great pictures this week:
above: a sure sign that crew is a missionary. what fun ties!
companions for two years, but friends forever.

now, for  some words of love, fun and advice from crew:

happy twenty six weeks crew!
we pray for you every day.
we love you more than all the seconds you study your scriptures.

Monday, November 12, 2012

dear: week twenty five.

happy november.
it's happy because it's another month down in the books! 
hip hip hooray! 

here are a few words from crew this week:

50 days until christmas?
never have a been more excited for christmas than this year.
my heart skips a beat just thinking about the fact that i'll get to speak with
crewser on the phone is just 50 days! 

p.s. dear santa: please make the time go fast until christmas day! love, elease

dear: week twenty four.

big news for crew's mission!
i'll let crew do the honors of telling you:
sounds like crew will have his work cut out for him!
there's nothing like a good push of motivation.
right, crew? 
we miss you dearly! 

dear: week twenty three.

home sweet home.
this week, crew sent us a quick email and a peak into his humble abode.
take a look where crew is living this transfer:
mexico is his home for the next 16 months.
home is where your heart is...
and crew's whole heart is definitely in mexico;
shared amongst the people, the culture, the gospel and the work. 

speaking of home, we can't wait to have you back home.
however, couldn't be more pleased that your home is somewhere else for the next year.
we are proud of you!
we are sending lots of love from your home back in the states. 

dear: week twenty two.

hola to week twenty two!
crew's week in 5:
1. saying goodbye to beautiful valle de bravo.
{and to his "favorite" family. are favorites allowed? ;)}
2. jumping right into a new area and new companion.
{crew's frist american companion!}
3. a handful of baptisms and confirmations!
he sure is staying busy. 
4. a request for the book: "The Day of Defense".
5. holes in shoes; a sure sign of hard work.
{and lots of walking, of course.}

he was happy to recieve a change in area and companions!
change is good-
it keeps you on your toes.
good luck in your new area crewser! 

dear: week twenty one.

this week's email and pictures are arguably my favorite so far.
he is just so happy.
i know i keep saying that- but, happiness just seems to be radiating from within him.

crew's week in 5:
1. scored two goals in the big soccer game. "watch out for elder carlson!"
{he felt some true "brotherly chemistry out on the field".}
2. HUGE party in the center; crazy costumes!
3. found a "golden family of 5" to teach and hopefully baptize.
4. being able to watch and understand general conference in another language.
5. missionary life seems to be a dream come true.