Tuesday, May 15, 2012

dear: week two.

week two in mexico, already! 
{week 11 if you count the entire time.}
do I dare say, time is going fast?

being mother's day on sunday,
we were able to see Crew {formally known as elder carlson} via Skype!
he called home to my family in utah,
and they called me via their iPhone/facetime so I could see him too.
as complicated as it was, seeing him through two screens, 
it was well worth it!
he is one happy missionary. 

Monday for Crew: P-DAY!!
Monday for us: best day of the week- simply because we get an email from him. 
he sen't home some precious words to my mother,
which are just to mushy to share on here.
he also, sent me a special little note wishing me a happy birthday.
so thoughtful, I tell you! 
lastly, he sent a bunch of pictures showing us
the low down of his living situations, his baptism, and favorite meal.
take a look:
yummy! he loves how cheap and "good"the coke is.
  we told him it's real can sugar- that's why.

 Crew with Elder Castro!
 Baptism! being where he is, we are expecting many more to come. 
typical Crew: being so proud of his desk. aka: organization skills.
 comfy? you be the judge. He currently doesn't own a pillow. He's crazy! 
"don't forget to flush dump a bucket of water down the toilet!"
wouldn't you say it's time for a new shower current? 

after talking to crew on Sunday,
we couldn't feel more at peace about his decision to serve a mission.
he was simply beaming.
we love and miss you Crew!

days: 70
weeks: 10
area: Tezozomoc Camarones 

Monday, May 7, 2012

dear: week one.

good news! elder carlson has officially landed in 
mexico city!
hip hip hooray!

after an interesting two months in the beloved MTC,
he has described flying into mexico city as "the most breath taking moment of his life up to date."

his journey in the MTC was one he will always remember.
speaking for crew
i think he would describe his stay with these ten words/phrases:
1. "I was loved". I received so many thoughtful packages. 
2. three-some companionship. this pretty much sums it all up.
3. exhausting.
4. best part: being with best friends and learning spanish.
5.sickness all around. "i lucked out!"
6. unknown.
7. worst part: hours upon hours of personal study.
(I didn't hate it, I just wasn't used to studying that hard for that long.)
8. beyond spiritual and uplifting.
thanks to all the devotionals. 
I especially loved all the ones form the Apostles. 
9. homesickness (just slightly)
biggest moment of homesickness: bus ride to slc to get my visa.
10. "dear elders."

again, that is me speaking for crew- it will be interesting to see
his own list and how it differs when he gets home. 

from here on out,
 i will mainly post bits and pieces of his emails home,
pictures of his adventures,
and anything else he sends our way.
(I will try to keep it mainly in his words or from his perspective)

here you have it: 
words and pictures from his first email home! 

"Where do I begin? It is amazing here but sooooo dirty..... my companion's name is ELDER CASTRO. He is the best- I love him! He is a native and knows little english- so I am teaching him english as he teaches me the way of the mexicans. We get along really well, he pushes me really hard and we have a lot of fun! Our Area is Tezozomoc Camarones. MEXICO is CRAZY! I love it- the only bad part is how dirty it is.... but I still love it.  I see close to 25 stray dogs everyday, a few cats, pet turtles... hahah anything you name- they have it here!  The food is great- I havent gotten sick yet!!!! I take a super cold shower every morning and their is about 10 or 12 flys in the shower with me every morning. They come up the vent in the bathroom. Our toliet doesn't flush so we poor a bucket of water down the toliet every time we use the bathroom. We can't put the toliet paper down the toliet or else it will get cloged... hahaha! I dont have a pillow- I use my clothes and put them in my pillow case. But I have never been happier!!! I never thought the field would be so much fun!!! I love learning spanish- but, it is super hard at times.  OH, GUESS WHAT!!! I baptized Luz Maria Savala Navarro. She is my favorite person in all of Mexico City. She is 8 years old and the cutest thing i have every seen in my life. The food is amazing we eat at a different members house for lunch each day and those meals are almost 5 corse meals. I'm sooooo full each day I don't eat breakfast in order to finish all the food they give me. If i don't finish it they kinda get mad... Im having an amazing time. The flight in to the city was amazing, the people are amazing, spanish is amazing, and coke has never tasted soooooo goood!!! This last week we had 2 baptisims and we have 1 set up already for next week! Hopefully we get a few more- our goal is 15 this month. A mission rule is contacting 140 people in 1 week, so my companion and I have to get 23 a day!!! It is really hard, because for a contact to count, you have to teach them the doctrine- and most of them say they are catholic and don't want to listen... It is fun adapting to the culture!!!  These people are amazing!!!! Hope all is well at home. " - Elder Carlson


days: 68
weeks: 9
area: Tezozomoc Camarones 
{but who is counting?- obviously his favorite sister}