Sunday, August 12, 2012

dear: week nine.

1,2,3 say cheese!
due to crew's email being a little jumbled, personal and short...
this week, i'm just including the photos!

he is doing great!
had a happy 4th of july, but misses home just a little,
received a few letters, which is always a good thing,
more baptisms and plenty of adventures!

even though it's past {and now a long time ago}, he wishes you 
all a very happy forth of july!! 

i know crew would agree with me, the forth of july is one of the best american holidays. if not the best one.
can't wait to hear what his favorite mexican holidays will soon be. 

days: 119
weeks: 17
area: Tezozomoc Camarones

dear: week eight

playing catch up!
i promise, i really am trying to stay caught up on this blog.
if only crew new that i'm four weeks behind....
but, he doesn't! so i am safe... at least for now.
"I had another baptism last night! He is 17 years old and composes/plays really cool music I wish I could understand it all! He learned everything so quick and was ready for his baptism so fast. We also have another young girl and boy close to baptism too! I couldn't be happier. This week, we found a mother and a daughter who I believe are oro or escogidos! In english Gold or Chosen! This is what we call the people that God has prepared for us and that are ready for the message He has for them!... I recieved more letters- which obviously makes me so happy! I still haven't figured out how long it takes for them to get to me or for me to send to you- but hang in there! I am sending some soon!... The temple is amazing, but is under construction. They are repolshing Captian Mornoni!...The Spanish is coming along really well! Im talking a lot more in the lessons and I'm having an eaiser time expressing my feelings! We havnt had that many contacts lately so we dont have many progressing investigators. But we are having a lot of baptisms! This week we will pick up some new investigators!...The metro is crazy here- I love it and it is only 3 pesos... so less then 30 cents!... Everything is going great! I'm loving the work. I want to be a little lazy at times but elder aranda is really good and keeps me going! After the food my body craves sleep! We are working really hard and it is paying off!...I will be sending letters tomorrow if I get around to writing them today! I think Elder aranda and I are going to help other missionaries paint their apartment!...Cant wait to receive a package! I cant wait to see some photos! Hope everything is going well at home. Thanks for the little updates!...Yes. I have lost a little weight! Close to 9 Kilios!!! Figure out what 9 kilos in pounds is! All I'm going to tell you is, I'm looking good! But, you all knew that before!
Thanks for all the prayers! I miss you guys! Talk to you soon!!!!
Your son, Elder Carlson"

if you know crew, this next picture wouldn't seem out of the ordinary at all.
he loves his graffiti, doodling and discovering it!
and hello! this is just gross....

this week was full of baptisms, graffiti and cockroaches!
all happy things in crew's eyes.

days: 112
weeks: 16
area: Tezozomoc Camarones